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  • Thought ahead: Alma is supposed to be helpful to people.

    A bit of independence for the person in need of care and support for nurses during their daily work – that is what Alma aims to be.

    What for?

    To put mobile phones to call for help, a drinking cup against the thirst, or tissues inside – it is a relief to know that these things are easily available. Besides certain other small objects glasses and remote controls can be kept here, too.


    Alma is available in melone, ruby red and pearl white.

    Simple and good

    Alma can be put on the fencing of care beds. Inside or outside – you can decide individually where you like to place it. Alma is supplied with a velcro which permits to fix it with no need to damage the care bed. The advantage of the velcro: Alma can be fixed wherever it is easy to reach for it.

    Alma consists of high quality hygienic plastic. It is possible to clean it in a dishwasher, even together with the velcro.

    Individual fixing

    The length of the velcro can be adapted to every care bed. To do so, you simply fix the velcro using the eyelet of the front side so it is easy to reach for it. Then you pull the velcro through the eyelet of the back side and fix the length. This needs to be done only once.


    Examples of utilisation


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    Advantages at a glance

    • Helpful

      ...for people in need of care. Alma can be part of their daily life and help them to have all important things closeby.

    • Practicle

      ...because it can be fixed on the care bed quickly and safe.

    • Optical functionality

      ...nice colours and a round shape fulfill the function of easy recognising and pleasant operation.

    • Safety and calmness ...

      ... for the person in need of care, because it is possible to call for help at any time.

    • Support ...

      ... in a special way. Alma is a "helping hand" for things daily needed at the care bed.

    • Provision ...

      ... of care material next to the care bed. Medicine and other things that are needed for daily treatments can be put here at hand.